"The book is funny, quirky and quite imaginative."
- ananya92

"I could see myself at 14, in bed with a flashlight, reading this late into the night."
- Gregory D. Watts

"Rusty is one of the best robots in all of science fiction." 
 - Perihelion Online Science Fiction Magazine 

 "This was an amazing romp in a creative space universe! I felt a link to the alien "Dean" from the very beginning, and it only intensified the more I read."
- Tonja Klein

"Great story! Awesome character illustrations. My 12 and 13 year old boys also read this book and enjoyed it, and they are hard to impress."
- Amazon Customer

"How often is science fiction laugh-out-loud funny? What a rare find this story is! Not just little Dean but all the characters are well developed with depth and unique, memorable traits."
- Carol Kean

"There are plenty of plot twists and questions that will keep you engaged right to the end. A fantastic read that was more than a story; it was an experience. I can't recommended it enough."
- JV

"This imaginative story is epic involving several planets, each with its own culture. There are heroic deaths, pathos, humor, adventure, war, you name it. A ripping tale for a cold winter night by the fire."
- Hans Jambor

"This book was a blast to read, with memorable characters that will leave you waiting to meet them again..."
John L. Davis IV

 The following reviews may dig too deep into the book 
for some readers. 

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  1. Plot spoilers? Me? (Yeah, I get that a lot, but I was SO CAREFUL this time!) Tell me what constitutes a spoiler and I'll delete it. But first, tell me you're writing again. This novel is great! I love it! I want more!

    1. No worries, Carol. It's just a precaution. :)


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