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"The book is funny, quirky and quite imaginative." - ananya92 "I could see myself at 14, in bed with a flashlight, reading this late into the night." - Gregory D. Watts "Rusty is one of the best robots in all of science fiction."     - Perihelion Online Science Fiction Magazine   "This was an amazing romp in a creative space universe! I felt a link to the alien "Dean" from the very beginning, and it only intensified the more I read." - Tonja Klein "Great story! Awesome character illustrations. My 12 and 13 year old boys also read this book and enjoyed it, and they are hard to impress." - Amazon Customer "How often is science fiction laugh-out-loud funny? What a rare find this story is! Not just little Dean but all the characters are well developed with depth and unique, memorable traits." - Carol Kean "There are plenty of plot twists and questions that will keep you e

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