Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Today I received my very first fan-mail!

And, it was way cooler than I could have ever imagined! 

The fan-mail was from a brother and sister,
both who read and loved A SPACE STORY!

But, not ONLY did I get TWO awesome fan-letters in the same day, but I also got the raddest maze-art I've ever seen. 

Hmm... looks familiar.
That's because it's an "aMAZEin' SPACE STORY" Maze!!! 

How cool is that!

The A-maze-ing art was done by Mark Stuart Gagnon - and was inside the package with the letters.

 Mark Stuart Gagnon's card was inside. 
You can find him on Twitter here:

It was a surreal moment for me. 
As a writer, you hope to make a connection with your readers. So, when you get something like this it really means a lot, and makes what you do worthwhile.

These two letters, and the art, will hang on the wall of my office until the day I pass on to the great unknown.

I couldn't be more thankful. :)

(Now, if you will excuse me - I must go get Vol. 2 done... so Domenick and Vanessa can see what happens when Dean meets 'Kwyneplaine'... I've said too much.)

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