Thursday, March 26, 2015

My Writing Music (For Good Or For Bad)

I love listening to music while I write. But the type of music depends on the scene I'm working on. Action scenes command fast paced tunes. Heart-felt scenes... something that might move me. Often, I found myself listening to music I never imagined I would. 

Some, I'm embarrassed to reveal. 

As I write, certain songs become pinned to certain characters. It doesn't happen all the time, or for every character, but if you ask me what song is pinned to say 'Death Touch', I can firmly tell you without flinching.

'Voices Carry' - 'Til Tuesday

This song captures the sort of sadness behind the tough exterior that is 'The Most Feared Creature in the Galaxy'. It's the song that plays in her cockpit (the song she deciphers) when Dean finds her messing with the transmissions. 

I wanted to acknowledge it in the book, but was told 'legally' I was better off leaving it out. But when I wrote the scene, it was the song that lulled Dean and echoed through the hull of the ship. 

It's the song I play whenever I need to get into her head, and meditate on how she ticks. 

Another thing I do is play songs in a loop. Over and over they go, as I think scenes out, or to simply go over ideas in my head. the songs help to put me in a creative state of mind. 

Often, the words themselves don't even matter, it's the music I'm after. It helps to set the mood and get the gears spinning.

Another song I wore out while writing 
was this:

'All Along The Watchtower' - Battlestar Galactica

I am a Huge Fan of Battlestar Galactica. I binge watched it on Netflix, to the point that I missed days of work. 

I know it's not the best version of the song (props to Dylon and Hendrix) but it worked wonders for me. I would toss my headphones on and listen to it in a loop, mostly while writing action scenes. This song also helped to spark some great ideas for Vol. 2

Confession: I once listened to this song driving home from Brooklyn NY. 

This song... continuously... for 1hr. and 30mins.

But, I came up with the entire storyline for Vol. 2 during that ride. So who's the crazy person now? 
(It's me. I'm the crazy person)

Now, if you asked me what song best fits Dean Kilmer - our little bald-headed, alien friend - it would be this:

'I Need a Hero' - Bonnie Tyler

 This song is Dean Kilmer's ego. Deans longing to be a Hero. Dean believes in everything the Earth transmissions have sold him. And when Dean is standing on the edge of a cliff, facing a horde of Terronka on Fen, THIS is the song going through his brain. 

As for music that I use for background noise, I have a few standbys:

 All India Radio (Band)

I accidentally stumbled upon this band while listening to Pandora. I haven't been the same since. Their music is amazing.

(It's also great music for sitting around the backyard on a hot summer evening.) 
Give them a listen... you won't be sorry. You might even thank me.

Another huge musical influence on my writing is M83:
Specifically the songs:
Midnight City
Steve McQueen
The Bright Flash
Echoes of Mine

No doubt you've heard M83's music in countless movies, shows, and commercials. Their music is, for lack of a better word, moving. 

The song 'Outro' is the song I hear when Dean... well, I don't want to spoil it. But, if you read the book, I bet you'll know what scene I speak of. 

BTW, this mix version of the M83 song 'Steve McQueen' is fantastic as well. Another great song to play in a loop and ponder your thoughts.

Other artists and bands have trickled-in during the writing process as well. 

Such As:
-David Bowie
-Eric San Juan
-Tom Petty
-The 'Lord of the Rings' Soundtrack
- Tom Waits
- Radiohead
- Pink Floyd
- Mogwai

As For Kilroy...
'Mr. Roboto' - Styx
It's so bad, it's good! 

Let me Know what songs you listen to while writing. I'm always looking for new tunes to inspire me!

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